The Last
Lighthouse Keeper

On a rocky outcrop facing the sea a Lighthouse, a Keeper, and his wife the Fisherwoman live a wonderful life in the open air, with the fish, the birds, and the changing seasons. Until the Fisherwoman is taken by a storm.

The Lighthouse and the Keeper feel devastated. They tried so hard and still, they failed! They grieve. The old man grows lonely, solitary, and cranky. Then two young Fisher-folk move in just down the shore. They are foolish and funny. The Keeper stays away. The young ones laugh, tease one another, work but not too hard, every day is filled with joy – until a storm sweeps one of them away. The Lighthouse, remembering what happened before, uses all her power, and a bit of magic, to save the day. The Keeper feels so relieved and so proud of his Lighthouse, that he reaches out to the young people with open arms. Together they rejoice. With newfound friends, the Keeper’s life is transformed.

Written by Katie Reeve, this beautiful new work will engage and enthral children of all ages as its characters come to life to share a story of longing and companionship.

Suitable for children 3 years and above
Duration: 40 minutes followed by Q&A Session

Written by Katie Reeve
Directed by Nancy Black
Designed by Hamish Fletcher
Music and Lyrics by Darren Clark
Image by Adelaide Leeder

Premiere: 2019