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Black Hole Theatre is a small, independent theatre company that explores the world and the human condition through puppetry and various other genres. 2022 sees a world fracturing under assaults from every direction - the pandemic, the climate, wars, human displacement, social upheaval - to name just a few. Culture cannot stop these assaults - nor heal all the wounds.  But it offers humankind much support - identity, emotional expression, resilience, laughter and hope. Without those dynamics, our lives would be desolate indeed.

Black Hole (despite the name!) is one company shining a light in the dark.  We might be small, but our program is bold and rich, using puppetry and visual theatre to engage diverse communities, while supporting independent artists whose visions and imaginations weave dynamic, original creations. Our work is delivered live and online. It spans community projects, workshops for artists and the public, projects dedicated to First Nations people, touring shows for children, innovative shows for adults, and developmental research into collaborations with other art forms, science, and international companies.  Black Hole Theatre is helping to keep our culture (and our souls!) alive and thriving.

We've survived on grants and donations, but it's hard. The pandemic struck the arts in the gut.  We need your help to continue these unique projects. Your donation will go toward supporting artists, both experienced and emerging, to communities seeking cultural expression, and to the development of new work.  Every gift helps, with all donations over $2 tax deductible. Apart from that sweetener, we cannot offer you glittering prizes, but we appreciate every donation – however small – and thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Black Hole Theatre is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registered with the Registry of Cultural Organisations. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Don’t have money but still want to contribute?

Our projects take time and space. Do you have a shed that you’d like to have inhabited by artists for a short time? A space that could be used for rehearsal? Photography skills? Some elbow grease going to waste? Puppetry requires a lot of making – tools, materials, imagination: if you have any of these to spare, let us know! We will acknowledge you in every way we can. Black Hole Theatre cherishes its friends.