The Book of Revelations

Ada’s world has become quite strange…nothing seems the same. Once familiar objects shift, time bends and angels sing. This is a journey with no beginning, moving towards an unseen end, oddly familiar with surprises along the way.

Black Hole Theatre is known for creating innovative, exciting cross-disciplinary performances often around dark and challenging subjects. With Alison Richards’ extraordinary The Book of Revelations, we leap into the unknown, following a mind stirred by dementia and other mental illness, navigating uncharted realms of altered perception.

Part contemporary opera, part art installation where cutting edge technology meets visual theatre, The Book of Revelations marks a new approach to immersive performance. Directed by Nancy Black, some of Melbourne’s leading talents combine sound, visuals and performance to create a startling world full of wonder, terror – and joy. Each audience member will have their own unique experience. The everyday may never be quite the same again.

Writer/performer: Alison Richards
Director: Nancy Black
Composers/Sound design: Faye Bendrups, David Franzke, Christine McCombe
Visual Dramaturgy: Dagmara Gieysztor
Lighting Design: Bronwyn Pringle
Video and Animation: Lindsay Cox
Puppet Design and Construction: Rod Primrose
Puppeteers: Rod Primrose and Bao Ghislain
Production Manager: Ian Corcoran
Stage Manager: Dylan Lines
Technical Operator: Bao Ghislain
Set Construction: Theatre Research Institute
Associate Producer: Angela Pamic
Publicity: Christy Hopwood
Graphic Design: Hours After
Production Photography: Sarah Walker
Design Intern: Jennifer Bismire

19th – 30th July 2017
Wednesday to Saturday at 7.30pm* / Sunday at 5.00pm*.
FortyFiveDownstairs, 45 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC

Friday 21st July – Opening night.
Sunday 23 July and Friday 28 July – Followed by Q & A sessions

* Because time warps in Ada’s world, the performances are looped.
Duration: 50 minutes on a loop.

Supported by Alzheimer’s Australia and Cultural Infusion Inc.

Black Hole Theatre would like to advise, people living with Alzheimer’s may find moments of this performance unsettling.

All images and text © Black Hole Theatre

‘Richards’ seraphic voice is haunting, the lyrics evoking visions of birth and death ... This is a powerful performance by Richards … unfolding like a dream’...

- Rebecca Harkins-Cross, The Age