Spin a Yarn

Spin a Yarn is a collaborative video puppetry project that is both community engagement and digital presentation.  The concept began as a response to the 2020 pandemic. Across Victoria, we could no longer gather to share our stories, real or imagined, with family and friends. Black Hole Theatre had an idea – reach out to the Monash community (by internet if necessary), invite them to come forward with their stories, and we would help them turn those stories into a video puppet piece that could be shared far and wide via the net. What a wonderful experience creating those videos has been! Black Hole thanks all the participants for their sparkling imaginations, their commitment, generosity, and willingness to explore something new.  We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. As the pandemic restrictions ease, we look forward to offering Spin a Yarn to other communities, developing  new stories, creating more videos, and celebrating the creative potential in our diverse society!

Closed Captions available via YouTube link.

A Day in the Life of a Running Shoe

Writer: Virginia Verrelli
Puppets, Visuals, Performance and Collaborator: Tamara Rewse
Dramaturge: Nancy Black
Cinematography & Editor: Alex Sibbison


Reining in the Beast

Story: Vicki Galante
Puppetry: Jeany Lee
Dramaturge: Nancy Black
Cinematography & Editor: Jeany Lee


Stories from a Lockdown Quilt

Writers and Collaborators: Heather Woods, Ella McSkimming and Lyall Morris
Puppets and Visuals: Lyall Morris
Dramaturge: Nancy Black
Cinematography and Editor: Alex Sibbison


With generous support from City of Monash and Creative Victoria.




Graphic Design Material: Hours After


Behind the Scenes Images!