Slam Noir

Hosted by Lana Schwarcz and Hamish Fletcher, our line up includes:

  • Mr Bunk (Canada)
  • Stephane Georis (Belgium)
  • Amanda Maddock (USA)
  • Mike Bevitt (Tas)
  • Vanessa Ellis
  • Lynne Kent
  • Dan Goronszi
  • Penelope Bartlau
  • Rod Primrose
  • Leah Scholes
  • Jacob Williams

Derek Rowe heads up our puppet band – which happens to consist of Ukelele, Tuba, and a Fiddle. Cos nothing is ‘normal’ at Slam Noir.

FURTHER READING: Slam Noir – Australia’s Puppet Slam Night

WHEN: 8:00pm – 9:00pm, Saturday, November 12, 2011
WHERE: St Ali Coffee Roasters 12-18 Yarra Place South Melbourne, VIC
(DOORS OPEN at 7.30pm for dinner and snacks, SHOWS start 8pm onwards)
COST: $10 Tickets at the door only

IMAGE: Photo: Colin Page – Puppet and Art Direction: Lana Schwarcz