Make Silly Sock Puppets!

5 6 7 Create! is a free series of four short videos for kids (and an adult).  It shows you how to make your own creative toys for kids from everyday items you can find at home.

Making puppets is a fun home activity for kids and is a simple way to keep creative kids entertained!

This video gives you easy to follow instructions on how to make colourful and imaginative hand puppets out of – socks! Watch it with the kids.

Making theatre toys can be fun for the whole family and is as simple as using some old socks to have a bit of creative play at home.

And our puppeteers don’t just show you how to make a puppet, they will inspire you and the kids to dive into your imaginations to put on puppet shows that will excite awe and silliness in everyone who sees them!

And why not share your marvellous creations on Instagram – and follow  @567_create and see what other people are making. Share photos and videos of your puppets and use the hashtag #567create. You can also DM us directly or share through email at


Creative Team

Director: Nancy Black

Video Artist: Takeshi Kondo

Puppeteers: Jemima Eva, Danny Miller

Music and Sound: Kelly Ryall

Titles: Mikk Meister

Voices: Cleo Dillon, Hadley Dillon, Isabel Hill, Lila Hill


Commissioned by Moonee Valley Council, and created by Black Hole Theatre

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