Lost in Tranzit

The title for this  2011 project is ironic. It confronts the view that adolescents are lost with a series of brilliant reflections on that theme.  Students from Castlemaine, Hobsons Bay and St Albans, Victoria came together for one week each.  The groups worked with Black Hole Theatre artists to create works in video, animation, stills photography and soundscapes – which were then exhibited at The SUBSTATION, Newport in October 2011 as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and again as part of the Castlemaine State Festival 2013. The pieces are comic, dark, often moving, occasionally wistful, sometimes downright subversive – just like the people who created them! Above all the works give testament to the makers’ vivid imaginations and the talent that realised them.


CASTLEMAINE GROUP: Gilbert Armstrong, Brielle Clasby, Bonnie Cook-Hain, Addison Cook-Hain, Eamon Coulthard, Oliver Gross, Claire Hollis, Conor Moore, Matthew Morgan, Maggie Parkes, Josh Stuart.

ST ALBANS GROUP: Jasmine Brytcz, Risto Dragicevk, Kimmy Duong, Kushani Hewage, Tanya Maturi, Jake Roxas, Minh Troung, Kayla Wolff.

HOBSONS BAY GROUP: Isabelle Bertoli, Joshua Ellem, Harshil Gupta, Kurtis Haillay, Chrissy Jenkins, Matilda Johnstone, Tui Karena Mahanga, Chelsea O’Neill, Samantha Philipps, Rene Vernadakis, Jess Zanoni.

BLACK HOLE THEATRE ARTISTS: Nancy Black, Darryl Cordell, Lindsay Cox, Ezeldin Deng, George Makrynakis, Leonie Van Eyk.



” From abstract to multi-media and photography, Melbourne Fringe invades high culture with an abundance of visual art on offer. Setting up shop across the city, festival-goers will have the chance to see some of the most original and exciting pieces of contemporary art with themes focusing on death, nature, everyday space and even climate change, to name a few… Lost in transit The young people of Castlemaine, Hobsons Bay, and St Albans have banded together to create a multi-media installation. Working with experienced media artists they have translated themes of transition into photography, animation, video, text and sound. Themes of travel, change, losing, finding, are on display in an installation at the amazing Substation, Newport” Extract from ArtsHub (Friday 9 September, 2011)



Supported By:
Arts Victoria, Newsboys Foundation, Hobsons Bay City Council, Mount Alexander Shire, Black Hole Theatre, Castlemaine Continuing Education