Les Méduses

Be transported to an underwater wonderland!

Awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and uniquely magical. Since taking the World Puppetry Festival by storm in September 2015, Les Méduses (aka the jellyfish) continue to enchant thousands of people around the world.

Les Méduses are illuminated, roving jellyfish puppets each operated by a single puppeteer. Floating high above your head and accompanied by an immersive aquatic soundscape, the jellyfish entrance children, teenagers, and adults alike. They swoop in close to brush your shoulders with their tentacles, Les Méduses swim through the sky in an awe-inspiring aerial display.

Les Méduses are suitable for day or night events. During the day, the jellyfish are all white, and their long gauze tentacles are accentuated by the sun.  After dark, the jellyfish transform, glowing bright, acid colours that change as they touch, creating a gently mesmerising visual ripple.

Presented by Black Hole Theatre (AU)
Directed by Nancy Black
Puppet Design & Construction by Joe Blanck at A Blanck Canvas
Sound Design by Darius Kedros

Available on request. Contact info@blackholetheatre.com.au

Based on an original concept by Barking Spider Visual Theatre (AU) #barkingspidertheatre
Development supported by the Australia Council & Creative Victoria
Photos of Les Méduses at The World Puppetry Festival by Sarah Walker