The Amazing Adventures of Konstantin (in development)

Written by Alison Richards, with visual dramaturgy by Dagmara Gieysztor and Theatre Research Institute, The Amazing Adventures of Konstantin is being developed as a series of episodes about the irrepressible cockerel Konstantin, and his encounters with the multitude of animal, human spirit characters milling around his village. Drawing from folk traditions and told through an innovative mix of shadow and 3D puppetry, digital animation and live performance, Konstantin’s Amazing Adventures are full of comedy and suspense, shot through with references to current events and political issues. Suitable for audiences of all ages, these scenarios can be tailored to suit particular commissions, locations and venues – or new ones invented! Sample Adventures include encounters with aristocracy, politicians, soldiers, ornery chefs, ghosts and magic clocks.

BHT is proud to auspice this exciting project. A strong emphasis on sustainability informs our approach to design, technology and use of materials, including the ability to ‘repurpose’ core characters and stories, and scale up and down in response to specific commissioning and performance contexts. Once performance ready, the project will be available for a range of situations including outdoor and indoor events at local and regional festivals and other celebrations in Victoria and beyond. STAY TUNED!