Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Aboriginal Lives Matter.

At Black Hole Theatre we believe in the power of community and shared experience through storytelling. We believe in the power of art to bring together audiences and diverse communities to process, grieve, and stand up against generations of oppression. We will not be silent. We believe every voice must be heard and valued.
The killing of George Floyd by members of the Minneapolis police department is another unmistakable example of systemic racism. It happened in America, but sadly it also happens in Australia, and has happened throughout our history. The death of David Dungay was murder, and 437 indigenous Australians have died in custody since 2008.

We denounce the acts of violence, the deaths, and the systemic racism that underpins them.

At Black Hole Theatre we acknowledge that systems of racism are at work not only in the horrible acts of violence that make the headlines, but also in activities played out daily in ways that are often subtle and invisible. Our cultural institutions and the narratives that our society upholds also perpetuate these systems.

We recognise that we are a small company, that statements must be followed with action, and that we have a responsibility to help drive change. Small perhaps, but part of a large cultural system that has often perpetuated racism, we will continue to examine our practice to reveal unrecognised inequities and racism. We will continue to practice inclusion. We will continue to demand justice, equity and recognition for our First Nations people.

We would like to share these documents with you, [Anti-Racism Resources] created by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein, and, [Anti Racism Resources for Australians] contributed by Marisa Garreffa, Claire Bowen, Elena Carapetis, and Chloe Christos. Both are great guides to engaging with action and standing against these injustices. The Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance also has useful links on their [Facebook].


Black Lives Matter,
Black Hole Theatre