(in development)

In an imagined city, people take their old objects to a machine that takes them apart for recycling, and releases their embedded stories and memories into the world to be caught by other objects, and adapted. The cyclical nature of the world is creative, balanced and enlivened by story. WHALEBONE explores what happens when people buy things and throw them away before they have time to have any memories attached. The machine gets clogged and breaks down. What stories remain are spewed out distorted, unfinished.  How does this affect the world?  What can people do? Why is the story about a whalebone important?  Find out when this work premieres in 2020.  Created by acclaimed theatre maker Jens Altheimer, in collaboration with Associate Director Nancy Black and the creative team, WHALEBONE is an interactive performance that uses mechanical inventions, physical performance,  puppetry, and media to delight the entire family. First performance in Horsham, May 2020.  Watch this space.

Concept and Design:  Jens Altheimer
Associate Director: Nancy Black
Video Animations and Projections: David Jones
Machine and Set Elements: Sam Deal
Puppet Design: Hamish Fletcher
Sound Design: David Franzke
Promotional video: Chris Bennett