Your Work In Focus


Reinvigorate your creative practice

Free feedback sessions offering an inspiring, dynamic and non-judgmental approach to developing your work.


Your Work in Focus offers free feedback sessions to established and emerging performing artists, or artists working towards a public outcome. Each artist of group of artists is invited to present excerpts of work in various forms: finished or in-development, visuals that express the core idea of a piece, or a reading of a text. Following each short showing, we’ll discuss the work using Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP).

Sessions will be facilitated by Black Hole Theatre Artistic Director Nancy Black and multi-award winning Director / Puppeteer Annie Forbes. Our facilitators will guide a dialogue between you (the artist) and an audience (the responders) that is structured to support your artistic inquiry and to avoid debilitating criticism and unhelpful opinion.


How to participate

All artists, emerging and established are invited to participate

We are offering two weeks of free sessions in early 2015.

February 2nd – February 6th
9am – 7pm daily
Napier Street Theatre, South Melbourne

March 2nd – March 8th
9am – 7pm daily
Napier Street Theatre, South Melbourne


Contact Black Hole Theatre to book a time and date that works for you:



About the sessions


▪ Each session lasts for 2 to 2.5 hours
▪ You will have 30 minutes to set up (longer if required)
▪ Allow 15 to 20 minutes to share an excerpt of a work
▪ Allow 1 hour for your in depth feedback session

When we have confirmed a time and date with you, we’ll send you some more information about the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process and what to expect from your feedback session.


Prepare 15 to 20 minutes of material

This may be a performance from a work-in-development, a fully finished piece, a reading from a text, a series of images that express the core idea, a pre-recorded video, or something else that will help the facilitators and responders understand your work.


Bring some responders

If you have a group of friends, collaborators, colleagues, or even family that you would like to participate in the feedback session, please invite them. With your permission, Black Hole Theatre can also send invitations to our mailing list.


Prepare some questions

It is important to think about what you want to get out of the session. To that end it is useful to prepare some questions you have about your own work. General questions can often elicit varied responses which can be useful if you want a broad survey of responses to a particular aspect of the work. Specific questions can bring forth a more focused and precise commentary. Our facilitator can assist you with your questions prior to and during the session.



About the Critical Response Process


“Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) is a feedback system based on the principle that the best possible outcome from a response session is for the maker to want to go back to work. Whether returning to the studio, the desk, the kitchen, or the laboratory, CRP gives tools both to people who are making work and people who are responding to that work.

In use for over twenty years, CRP has been embraced by artmakers, educators, scientists, and administrators at theater companies, dance departments, orchestras, science centers, museums, and beyond. The Process has deepened dialogue between makers and audiences; it has enhanced learning between teachers and students. It has proven valuable for all kinds of creative endeavors, work situations, and collaborative relationships within and beyond the arts.”*

* From Liz Lerman’s Critical Response (CRP) website.





Your Work In Focus is part of Fermenting Change, proudly supported by the Australia Council.