Available throughout 2015 as part of the Fermenting Change Skills Laboratories program, Set in Motion explores movement in performance and the puppetry arts while helping participants develop spatial and physical awareness. Examine the relationship between your body and the puppet. How do you characterise a puppet through its movement, and what challenges does that raise for its manipulation?

Designed for small groups, Set in Motion is perfect for small puppetry companies interested in skills and movement training.

Set in Motion is presented by two extraordinary artists, dancer and choreographer Michelle Heaven and puppeteer Rod Primrose who will collaborate with you to develop skills that will increase the power of your performance.

Black Hole Theatre supplies a variety of puppets, but participants are encouraged to bring their own. 
Bring as well a scenario, text, poem or song with which to experiment.
For puppeteers, dancers, and all physical performers, emerging and established.

Michelle Heaven & Rod Primrose CVs