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The Line is not a history play – it re-imagines the past as a way to see possible futures and will resonate with worldwide audiences confronting wars, nationalism, and the refugee crises.

The Line is an international and multicultural collaboration between First Peoples of Australia, Irish artists, and white Australians. The Indigenous and Irish populations share a history of severe oppression by colonisers. Set against the backdrop of the infamous Black Wars in 19th Century Tasmania, The Line examines the immediate impact of colonisation on Muka, an Aboriginal woman, and Brïd, a pregnant Irish convict. Seemingly opposed, both are battling the force that has devastated their cultures. Their ultimate bond provides refuge, affirmation, strength, and a path to mutual respect.

The Line contributes a bold and largely unheard perspective on our global past. It is being created by a uniquely multicultural, cross-disciplinary team: creatively and culturally informed by Australian First peoples artists from Tasmania and around Australia, and paired with amazing artists from Irish and Australian cultures. The Line will shed light on parallels between Aboriginal and Irish experiences of colonisation and draw common threads between the cultures. Resilience is one of those threads, both having stood up to their oppressors and survived. We have built a team where both voices are authentic and strong. Dynamic visuals will immerse the audience in the Tasmanian wilderness and the surges of violence that come from nature and war.

Co-produced by international cross-cultural collaborators Black Hole Theatre and Dowtcha Puppets (Cork, Ireland), The Line is aimed at a national and international audience, most of whom hold misconceptions about both cultures, and are ignorant of what occurred in Tasmania.

Writers: Nathan Maynard and Clare Murphy
Directors: Nancy Black and Eva Grace Mullaley
Set Design: Cliff Dolliver
Lighting Design: Chloe Ogilvie
Video: Troy Melville
Puppet Design: Rod Primrose
Music: Dewayne Everettsmith and Rory O’Brien
Sound Design: David Franzke
Performers: Noelle O’Regan and Ebony McGuire
Puppeteer: Denise Proctor

The Line is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts; Arts Council England and the British Council through their Artists’ International Development Fund; and the Cork City Council. The Line also received funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.