The Burnt Book is a collaborative project with Here Theatre.  We’ve conceived it as a promenade work that will have its first creative development at the Book Town in Clunes, Victoria May 1-3.  Comic and interactive, its narrative thread tangles around ghosts, puppetry, inflated theatrical egos, and the alleged second novel of Emily Brontë that her jealous sister Charlotte (allegedly) threw into the fire……Nancy Black and Jane Woollard are co-directing, Kit Lazaroo is the writer, Rod Primrose is making the puppets, and various fine artists from Clunes and beyond are adding their skills!  Many thanks to Rebecca Russell and Ken Evans who have initiated the Clunes Fringe and invited us to participate.    The Burnt Book will be developed further, and then we have a wonderful work for book festivals anywhere.  Full production aimed for 2015-2016. It’s a hoot!