Stéphane Georis

In 2013, Black Hole Theatre organised a tour for Stéphane Georis, presenting his shows at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, the Substation, Newport, the Powerhouse in Brisbane, the Castlemaine State Festival in Castlemaine, Victoria, and at the Street Theatre, Canberra. As well he led two workshops in Object Theatre – one for Back to Back Theatre in Geelong, Victoria, and the other for a group of artists, puppeteers, performers and directors at the Street Theatre, Canberra. Georis has been to Australia before in 2008 at the UNIMA International Puppetry Festival in Perth, and again in Perth in 2011 where he performed Adam, Professor of the Laboratory for Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, and also led a workshop in Object Theatre.



Duda Paiva

2013 will also see a collaboration with the renowned Duda Paiva, the Brazilian puppeteer based in Amsterdam. He and Black Hole are collaborating on a show – working title Darkness – which will use his signature body puppets, live music and dance to explore issues of ageing, mortality, power, dreams and grief. More details to be announced in the 2nd half of the year!


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