A Black Hole Theatre & Duda Paiva Company Collaboration

“I found pain in the light and solace in the dark.”

Stirring, poignant, physical, and lyrical, BLIND, is an extraordinary collaboration between Black Hole Theatre (AUS) and Duda Paiva Company (NL).  Directed by Black Hole Theatre’s Artistic Director, Nancy Black, BLIND is a funny, moving and fierce new work often interacting with audience on stage.

This extraordinary solo work springs from Duda’s experiences as a child in Brazil. Suffering an undiagnosed debilitating illness that rendered him temporarily blind, his search for healing led to surprising discoveries.

With a unique blend of dance and puppetry, using the power of sound and light, he transforms his experience into a metaphor of disease, disability and isolation from society.

BLIND was developed as a co-production between Duda Paiva Company (NL),  Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes (FR), Black Hole Theatre (AUS), Nordland Visual Theatre (NO), Korzo (NL).

Following its premiere at the World Puppetry Festival in France in 2015, BLIND continued to tour Europe, and in March 2016 had a sellout season at Theatre Works in Melbourne. The only Australian show invited to the prestigious Wuzhen Festival in China, it thrilled those audiences as well, and negotiations have begun for a multi-city China tour in 2018.


Stay tuned for more details.


  • 19-20 Sep 2015  |  World Puppetry Festival  |  Charlevile-Mézières, France
  • 16 Jan 2016  |  ECIcultuurfabriek  |  Roermond NL
  • 26 Jan 2016  | Imaginale  |  Mannheim DE
  • 25-26 Feb 2016  | Teatro della Tosse  |  Genove IT
  • 8-19 Mar 2016  |  Festival of Live Art |  St Kilda, Australia
  • 26-27 May 2016  |  International Theater Festival  |  Stamsund NO
  • 21 Jun 2016  |   International Puppet Festival   |  Bialystok PL
  • 25 Jun 2016  |  Reuring  |  Purmerend NL
  • 9 Jul 2016  |  Asphalt festival   |  Düsseldorf DE
  • 24 & 28 Aug 2016  |  Limburgfestival  |  Limburg NL
  • 18 Sep 2016  |  International Poppenspäler Tage  |  Husum DE
  • 26 Sep 2016  |  BTK fest  |  St. Petersburg RU
  • 1 Oct 2016  |  Figur i Fossekleiva  |  Berger NO
  • 7 Oct 2016  |  Puppet International  |  Meppel NL
  • 18-19 Oct 2016  |   Wuzhen Festival 2016  |  Wuzhen, China
  • 4 Nov 2016  |  KKT Blind  |  Köln DE
  • 8 Nov 2016  |  Unidram  | Potsdam DE
  • 18 Jan 2017| Roosendaal Theater De Kring
  • 26 Jan 2017 | Tilburg Theaters Tilburg
  • 11 Feb 2017 | Diepenheim CC herberg de Pol
  • 22 Feb 2017 | Groningen Stadsschouwburg
  • 2 Mar 2017 | Dordrecht Schouwburg Kunstmin
  • 4 Mar 2017 | Roden Theater de Winsinghhof
  • 18 Mar 2017 | Aarschot BE festival Boze Wolf
  • 1 Apr 2017 | Purmerend Theater de Verbeelding
  • 7 Apr 2017 | Hoofddorp de Meerse

(C) Cees de Vries Fotografie 2015

Concept Duda Paiva, Nancy Black
Director Nancy Black
Performer Duda Paiva or Mart Muürisepp or Ilija Surla
Sound Wilco Alkema
Lighting Mark Verhoef
Dramaturg Nienke Rooijakkers
Set Decoration Machtelt Halewijn
Duda Paiva’s Costume Atty Kingma
Set Designer Daniel Patijn
Production Manager Marijana Mikolcic
Producer Laswerk /DudaPaiva Company

FB DudaPaivaCompany


‘BLIND is a sophisticated, imaginative, rich and penetrating piece.’

– The Australian


‘It is a work about healing on a deep shamanistic level… and, leaves one feeling elevated and joyful.’

– Stage Whispers


★★★★ ‘…a theatre experience that openly hands interpretation to its audience. It’s as delightful as it is heartbreaking and too beautiful to define.’

– Sydney Morning Herald / The Age


★★★★★ ‘Duda Paiva captures the audience… with bated breath the audience follows the gestures of this genius puppeteer … he lets his foam puppets foam dance, sing and let them fight to the death … the magic reigns’

– l’Ardennais – Charleville-Mézières, France


★★★★ ‘In BLIND Duda Paiva dances with his demons, and with his dance adds an extra layer to the puppetry.strongly choreographed and directed… supported by soundscape and decor…beautiful puppets from the grotesquely real to almost abstract  Sometimes  they remind you of the portraits of Marlene Dumas, giving just enough information and enough space to let your imagination work. Dumas and Paiva, what a beautiful art couple that would be…

It is not easy universe, the world of Duda Paiva, but a fascinating one.’

– Theaterkrant – Amsterdam, NL


‘I was reminded of the ugliness / beauty, good / evil, lumpy / flat dichotomies we try to negotiate on a daily basis. There is peace of mind in knowing the only thing to do is to hold them tight in an awkward embrace as we blindly dance through life.’

-Underground The Hague