Originally inspired by animation and mime, Rod trained as a Drama teacher and has been fascinated by the psychology of the moving image for over 30 years. He is a maker, designer, performer, puppeteer, director, teacher and advocate for puppetry. It is the ‘darker side’ of puppetry that drives his constant experimentation in technique and design. He has worked with the broadest range of puppet styles, from the very small to the very large utilising shadow, glove, rod, marionette and a vast array of experimental designs in theatre, opera, film, television and outdoor events.

Over the years he has worked with many companies and organizations as a freelance artist and is highly regarded as an expert in his field. For 15 years he worked with HANDSPAN THEATRE and is a founder member of BLACK HOLE THEATRE which was awarded a 2008 best production Green Room award for ‘Coop’. Recently he has been working with ERTH as puppetry director and performer and QUARTERACREBLOCK PRODUCTIONS as design consultant.

Rod and Nancy are beginning to work on a family show (working title Tatty) inspired by the Australian story The Binnajig and the Tattyoon by Tarella Quinn. Early days, but we will be investigating the idea that too little information is dangerous. The following photocopy was taken from an antique version of the story….the caption reads “He revolved nine times and stuck like a postage stamp.” One design element is sure….there will be many globes!