When our development of Hutch for La Mama”s Explorations series had to cancel, we decided to replace it with four  15 minute shows – very much in development – from:  Black Hole”s Rod Primrose, the indirect Object (Michael Bevitt & Beth McMahon with Gabriel Partington),  Black Hole”s Alison Richards and Debra Batton, and TasFace Productions (Annie Forbes & Tim Denton with Kay Yasugi). They used a combination of object theatre, rod puppets, shadow, mask, and physical theatre to explore a whole range of comic and online casino dark subjects.  On  Sunday night, following the performance, we held a forum to discuss with the audience the place of  puppetry in contemporary arts practice.  The performances AND the forum were terrific!  The shows were rough and unpolished – we made no bones about that – but the audiences loved them.  One woman told me she would never look at the world in the same way again – and I think that was a positive outcome.   The forum was heated and enthused.  People want more – they love the form, they love watching it evolve.


All photos by Erika Johnson