The performances at the Lyceum Club”s Presidents” Dinner (Friday, July 5, 2013) were wonderful!  Congratulations to the artists – Mike Bevitt, Ken Evans, Rebecca Russell and Annie Forbes (with video by Zoe Scoglio).  The audience was large and prestigious, the works went seamlessly, and were much appreciated.  The evening was capped by a speech from the president of the Savage Club.  He thanked the Lyceum Club for the evening, and then commented on the Victorian Women”s Trust ad in the Age that morning – which had applauded Julia Gillard”s achievements, and criticised the way she had been treated by the media, her own party, and the Opposition.  The President admitted he was not a Labour supporter, nor a fan of Julia, but he wanted to acknowledge and express his abhorrence of the vilification and misogyny she had had to endure.  What a great speech!