For those of you who don’t know (or may have forgotten) BLIND was selected as the only Australian show to be presented at the Wuzhen Festival, China in October. And wow! We had such a good time. The whole experience exceeded our wildest dreams. The theatre was beautiful, we were supported wonderfully by the Festival staff and crew, the shows sold out, we were the talk of the town, and the audiences were rapt. We chose to go with a live interpreter rather than surtitles, so Duda was able to interact with the audience immediately – and they loved him. They laughed, cried, crowded around at the end for pictures, and even those who didn’t understand it fully found themselves deeply moved. Plus it was an exciting festival. We saw work from all over the world – good and bad, physical and text based, politics and narratives, some amazing street pieces. In between shows we met and networked with lots of artists and presenters, delivered a workshop, participated in a Conversation Series with other artists, ate wonderful food, and wandered through the streets of Wuzhen – an ancient town, now lovingly restored, built around canals, the Venice of China.

Hopefully that won’t be the last of our China experiences. Discussions have begun for a multi-city tour in 2018…..we’ll keep you posted!