A Review of Coop
The Sunday Age – 24/2/2008
By John Bailey

An old man, senile, creates a world. Angels and demons soon populate it and humans enrage him with their waywardness. Though he’s God, he soon falls victim to a pair of rebellious characters, ultimately lying on his deathbed as the carcass of his only friend, a live chicken, dances across his body to the waltz of The Blue Danube. Leave your sense of narrative at the door, next to my request that animal corpses not be manipulated for public entertainment. Confession time: I have no idea what Coop is about. I realised this halfway through the work, and was no more enlightened when it ended. Oddly enough, this confusion is counterbalanced by the production’s incredible sense of wonder. A reworked version of an earlier fringe show, it contains enough breath-catching moments that the audience’s bewilderment is irrelevant, and Coop confirms Black Hole as one of the most intriguing new companies to watch.