Caravan – MetroUK Review

Laura Cameron Lewis

After the dark carnival of Black Hole Theatre Company rolls into town, you’ll never look at a Barbie doll in quite the same light again.  The pulp fiction of the puppetry world,   internationally acclaimed Australian company Black Hole excel in creating cutting edge visual theatre for adults.


Caravan – The Independent

The Independent – 20 August 2004
By Sarah Jones

Mr Punch may have been a naughty boy (mass murder, possession of exotic animals without a licence, irritating voice), but he had nothing on the puppet lowlifes that roll into town in Black Hole Theatre’s Caravan. Where Mr Punch resorted to a large wooden stick to boink his victims over the head, these puppets use guns, meat cleavers and cigarettes.



Adults-only puppet magic pushes the boundaries

The Age – 13/06/2003
By Helen Thomson

A puppet show, strictly for adults, featuring pornographic dancing, violence, murder and mutilation: sounds weird, and Caravan certainly pushes a few boundaries. The puppets are tiny; their puppeteers dwarf them and become part of the action themselves. The plot, characters and action are pure pulp fiction, familiar stereotypes are given a strange significance in this guise.



Mankind’s dark side exposed

The Herald Sun – 17 June 2003
By Chris Boyd

THERE’s something about the scale of this show and the design of the ugly and all-too-human puppets that allows us to see mankind for what it is: the sum of its bodily functions and animal urges. The show begins with a tiny wood-and-wire mutt spraying its territory. It lifts its leg in time to the sound of a creaking hinge. Then come the humans: a stripper, a strong man and a spiv dealer who peddles miracle cures.