What an event! over two nights in November – 7 & 8th, just as the Ring frenzy was beginning – we presented our groundbreaking puppet/opera slam at the Northcote Town Hall as part of Darebin”s Speakeasy season.  We sold out – 150 people each night – seated at round tables in the grand hall.  We blended wonderful opera singers with a stunning lineup of puppetry that delighted  audiences and ourselves alike! The singers were among the audience and interacting with the puppeteers, using the whole space.  The performances included rod puppets, glove, shadow, a film, and objects.  The scale went from tiny and intimate to huge as things moved through the hall, across the walls, onto the balcony and out the doors.  The whole night was accompanied by the astonishing Dave Evans on accordion and piano, and by the superb MC Bernard Caleo!  Thank you everyone!!